There are a number of inexpensive PC-Board manufacturing houses out there. Some are geared more toward the pseudo-professional making several of the same board -- some are geared toward the individual who only wants one or two prototypes of each board.

  • ExpressPCB -- Offers their own software which you must use to create your PCBoard -- the software is free, but you can only use it to make boards and order them from ExpressPCB. It does have some nice features (click on a button and it will tell you how much the board you are working on will cost!) Basic deal -- 3 identical boards at 3.8 x 2.5 inches (9.65 x 6.35 cm) each for $51 + $8 shipping. Boards will be double-sided, with no silk-screen or solder mask on either side.
  • PCB123 -- may also be cheap, but it's difficult to get a firm price without using their software.
  • -- You provide your own software and prepare to fiddle around with your GERBER files to correctly submit; it has a program that will check your design for errors and email you the actual price. It may take 3 weeks to get your boards back, because they assemble panels from multiple boards and have them made in China. That having been said, they are known for good service. For any order, after a flat $15 setup/shipping charge, PC boards are $2.50 per square inch. (IE 3.8 x 2.5 = 9.5 square inches = $23.75 per board.) However, the boards they offer are much nicer -- with full solder mask and silk screening on BOTH sides of the board -- and can end up being cheaper if your boards are smaller than 3.8x2.5 and/or you don't want to make three identical boards.